ArticlesA Unique Perspective Regarding the Conflict in the Holy Land

A Unique Perspective Regarding the Conflict in the Holy Land

By SALAM in the Holy Land and its Director Rani Espanioly

In light of the current conflict in the Middle East, we at the Pastor’s Common thought it would be great to platform the S.A.L.A.M in the Holy Land Ministries that was founded by and led by Rani Espanioly. Chances are that we are all inundated with information about what is taking place in the Holy Land over this past week. This inundation may have made it difficult to filter out the accurate information from the false, fair information from the biased, helpful information from the not so helpful. SALAM in the Holy Land could be a potential resource for those pastors who are looking for a unique perspective on what is taking place in the Holy Land. On their website, it states:

S.A.L.A.M. (Serving Among Local Arab Ministries) is a Christian ministry based in North America that exists to:
1. Educate individuals and churches about the Christian Arab community in the Holy Land.
2. Equip individuals, churches and ministries to serve alongside this Christian Arab community in the Holy Land.
3. Encourage the Christian Arab community for sharing the Good News of Christ with the Arabic speaking peoples in the Holy Land.

If you’re wondering how you can pray for what is taking place in this conflict, SALAM offers these prayer points:

1) Pray and affirm that God is sovereign over the entire universe and has the power to change the situation.
2) Pray for a quick end and that it does not escalate into a larger war in the region.
3) Lift up in prayer those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.
4) Pray for those who have been wounded during the conflict and for those providing medical assistance to them.
5) Pray for the safety and liberation of hostages, and pray for mediators to facilitate their release.
6) Pray for wisdom and discernment for the leaders, that they may make decisions that lead to lasting peace and alleviate suffering.
7) Pray that Christians from around the world to join in prayer for peace, demonstrating the love of Christ to all peoples.
8) Pray for safety of local followers of Jesus, and that they will be shielded from extremism and hatred, especially young people.
9) Pray that God to utilize our churches as effective witnesses during this challenging time, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
10) Pray for peace and security for the entire region, and that the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays.
To find out more information about SALAM in the Holy Land Ministry, check out their website. Join us in praying for this unfortunate tragedy.
*The views expressed are those solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Pastor’s Common

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